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Application for membership of the Roundhay Environmental Action Project (REAP)

REAP is a company limited by guarantee registered in England, No 641505, and a charity, No 1132380

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I apply to become a member of the company, a company limited by guarantee and I agree to be bound by its memorandum and articles of association. I confirm that I support the company’s aims. Should the company be wound up I promise to pay the sum of £10 toward its debts, if asked to do so and I understand that this liability will continue for one year after I cease to be a member of the company. I agree that the company may give out information about me to other members.

All personal data is held in confidence and in accordance with GDPR requirements and will not be shared or used for any other purposes.

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As a member of REAP you will be helping to make our voice bigger and improve the effectiveness of our lobbying by the fact we are able to represent more members.

Our members help to ensure that we keep in touch with what the people of Roundhay want, ensuring that our services are meeting the needs of the environment and the community.

Our membership is valuable in demonstrating our transparency and accountability to our existing and potential funding bodies.

If you would like to join REAP and get involved, please complete this application form on the left.

There is no membership fee.

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Through events and information we want to raise awareness of what we can all do to cut our fuel / energy bills.

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REAP Plastics wants to help our community recycle and reduce our use of plastics.

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Gardening at REAP


REAP Gardening wants to help our community to grow as much of our own food as possible.

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REAP Transport is working to raise awareness of the most eco-friendly and fuel efficient ways to get around.

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REAP Events are working to raise awareness of more sustainable living & reduce our carbon footprint.

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Roundhay Environmental Action Project is a company limited by guarantee.

Registered in England No. 6415058. Registered Charity No. 1132380.

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