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    Roundhay Enviromental Action Project

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    Energy group – Latest news

    Energy generation !
    The Energy group is initiating an energy generation project, starting in the Roundhay Ward as a first project. In essence we are at the scoping phase given the go ahead we received from the ideas forum at the AGM, November 2013, and the REAP trustees agreed, January 2014, that we would scope out a viable project in discussion with local partners.
    The idea
    A scheme to generate  solar energy through a project developed by REAP with local partners. The scoping of the project is in its very early phase, led by the energy group, looking to use public or community owned buildings and be part or wholly financed by a community share. We are initially looking at the availability of roof space, on buildings that are not in private ownwership.
    The financial viability will also depend on the current Feed in Tariffs (FIT) and the Social Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).
    As of the 13th January 2014 we are in week one of scoping the project!







    Carbon Conversations

    Between February and June 2014 REAP ran a course called Carbon Coversations. Below one of the participants Fiona Chapel writes about her carbon cons picexperience of it.


    Carbon Conversations
    “A practical course to reduce your carbon footprint”; I liked the sound of Carbon Conversations straight away. Like many people, I am very concerned about how we are rapidly using up the world’s resources and the effect that this having on our planet. This course was an opportunity to explore what my family and I could practically do to decrease the amount of CO2 that we generate.
    Having now just completed the course I feel that it has given me a very valuable space in which to seriously consider what my priorities are in terms of mine and my family’s lifestyle. The course is run on an informal, non-judgemental and partcipatory basis with lots of group work which allows discussions to really explore what choices are open to us. Alongside this is a great deal of practical information. The course includes a fantastic book with lots of case studies; activities designed to help you understand your present behaviour and how willing you are to make changes; as well as a huge amount of information on carbon emmisions and reduction. Throughout the course, we were able to borrow books to explore different areas of interest such as travel, energy and broader issues of climate change and sustainability. It was also heartening to meet like-minded people with similar concerns and share ideas.
    Each week we focussed on a different area of possible carbon reduction such as food and water; energy in the home and travel and transport. The course culminated in planning for the next 5 years how you would reduce your carbon footprint.  This was probably the most important part of the course for me: I came away feeling that I now have a fairly comprehensive idea of how I’d like to change my lifestyle and habits.
    Previous to doing the course I had lots of ideas about things I could do to reduce my carbon footprint, what I feel the course has done is to help me identify and prioritise which changes to make and given me lots of pratical ideas for the future. I would recommend Carbon Conversations to everyone.

    For more information check out the carbon conversations website




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