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    Roundhay Enviromental Action Project

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    REAP regularly organises films, expert speakers and other events. Below are the events that are coming soon followed by reports of recent events that have taken place:

    Feedback on REAP’s Energy Company Survey at February Farmers’ Market

    A big thank you to all who came to the REAP stall at the February’s Farmers’ Market to let us know which energy company you currently use and to pick up information from the February 2016 which? customer survey. The results Feedback on REAP energy info Feb 2016 are very interesting

    We hope you can use this information to decide which energy company is best for you.
    Finally, we still have some printed information about the which? survey and their top performers which will be on the REAP stall at the market – so please come along and help yourself!


    Tuesday 22 March

    Venue: Roundhay Cricket Club, Old Park Road, LS8

    19.00 REAP Annual General Meeting

    1. Welcome and introductions
    2. Apologies for absence
    3. Approval of the minutes of the 2014 AGM and any matters arising
    4. Election of trustees
    5. Adoption of Annual Report and Accounts
    6. Presentation on REAP’s recent achievements and forward plans
    7. AOB

    19.30 Refreshments and networking

    20.00 Talk by Alexis Keech  – Alexis– followed by questions and discussion

    21.30 Close


    REAP has been busy! From producing polar bear films to hosting a green hustings for the election not to mention the very popular gardens trail. See the full list of what REAP has done this year REAP achievements 2015_16.

    Out Now

    REAP produced its very own video ahead of the climate change talks in Paris. Do watch this 2 minute film and then pass on the link to your friends. REAP has sent the film to the Primeminister with a letter asking for real action on climate change – letter to PM



    Polar Bears…..

    Fun at the farmers’ market as the polar bears remind everyone of the importance of the upcoming Paris talks in December. Watch out for more polar bear related activities from now on ….



    Recent events and projects

    The Age of Stupid at 7.30 pm on Thursday 29th October

    (part of the Roundhay and Oakwood Festival)

    at Oakwood Church in Springwood Road LS8 2QA

    In this iconic film Peter Postlethwaite is living in the devastated future of 2055, asking:

    Why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?

    The film was introduced by Professor Stuart Egginton from Leeds University, a British Antarctic Surveyor.

    Climate Change

    Personal observations from repeat visits to Antarctica

     Professor Stuart Egginton DSc, University of Leeds

    Some 100 people met in St Edmund’s Church LS8 on 22 October to hear Leeds University’s Professor Stuart Egginton talk about Antarctica and the reality of climate change, based on his firsthand experience from repeat visits to the continent over 25 years.

    The evidence is unequivocal. Sea temperature is rising, the Antarctic ice sheet is losing mass and the glaciers are shrinking, on the same continent that holds 70% of the world’s ice.

    The impact of human activity is clear if we continue failing to control CO2 emissions. And many impacts of climate change will persist even if all fossil fuel emissions are stopped immediately. Massive population movements will be driven by both desertification and coastal flooding. These will dwarf the refugee crises of today, as many millions of people are driven from their homes.

    There is hope in the Earth’s ability to adapt, but we face an uncertain and threatening future. World leaders must make the most of the opportunity offered in the Paris talks to reach a binding agreement to keep global temperature increases at 2°C or below, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030.

    Don’t let future generations blame us for not sorting it out when we have the chance – that’s the message. Would that more of our politicians were also scientists and could look beyond the next electoral cycle.

    If you would ;like to know more, read Stuart’s synopsis of the latest IPCC outcomes global warming issues

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