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    Roundhay Enviromental Action Project

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    July 2016

    eBulletin July 2016

    Oakwood Farmers’ Market

    This Saturday, shop at the Oakwood clock, 16th July 9am to 12:30pm. The farmers market is a food market of local producers.

    Regular stall holders include fresh bread, organic meat, bacon, gammon and highland beef, fresh fish (occasional lobster and crab), a huge variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, cheese and butter, pies and pastries, soups and sauces, juice and preserves.

    Guest Stalls this month include:
    Chutney, what I call “Savoury Jam” –  Natalie St John

    Strawberries and Asparagus – Woodside Farm Fruits

    Vegan Cakes – That Old Chestnut
    Natalie St John
    Variety of local chutneys. Natalie has had a guest stall before, so some of you will have tasted her delicious savoury jams. Here are sixteen ways to eat chutney.

    Woodside Farm Fruits
    Normally a ‘pick you own’ farm, but today they’ve picked it for you! If you fancy a visit, they’re close to Yorvale Ice Creams in York.

    That Old Chesnut
    They are here to prove you don’t need eggs, milk, cream or butter to make damn fine tasting cakes. But Why Go Vegan?

    Artists and Craft workers
    Each month a different artist or craft worker will attend the market to share their passion. This month we have Margaret Chalmers who will be making simple felt pieces using sheep’s wool. Traditional “wet felting” predates spinning and weaving in the making of textiles – the oldest known pieces of felt, found in a burial mound in Siberia preserved by the permafrost, date from around 450 BC.
    Margaret has been using the traditional wet felting method for several years, and will also have some of her work on display. She makes 2D and seamless 3D pieces – accessories, garments and items for the home, functional or decorative.

    Link to Mongolian felt making (large scale – like for a yurt!)


    REAP Garden Group

    The REAP Gardening Group will be at the Farmers’ Market as usual. As well as working on the Edible Bed, the group will be showing you how to keep your plants well watered whilst away on holiday and have some useful tips on successful composting. Come and chat to us and join our growing community.
    Our Oakwood Community Edible Bed is flourishing. Remember, the plants are all edible – either leaf, shoot, root or fruit. Before picking, just check the label by that plant invites you to do so. Some of our plants will take a few weeks before they are ready to harvest.
    Information Stalls

    The REAP stall has information about Roundhay Environmental Action Project.


    The Roundhay Live Stall is hosted this month by Roundhay Women’s Institute – so much more than Jam and Jerusalem! Having celebrated the centenary of the WI movement last year Roundhay WI will be showcasing the sorts of activities WI’s currently  get up to. Drop by and have a chat with our members, find out what’s in store for future monthly meetings,  as well as the wide variety of social groups we have.
    The market dates for 2016 are as follows 16th July, 20th August, 17th September, 15th October, 19th November, 17th December
    You can download the leaflet at

    Green Tips for July
    How to holiday without breaking the planet – Green Choices – Eco Holidays


    Events in Roundhay Park*
    Once again, thanks to the Friends of Roundhay Park for this monthly round-up of events in the park.

    To receive the monthly round-up of events that John Ferguson compiles for FoRP, contact:

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