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    Roundhay Enviromental Action Project

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    November 2015 bulletin


    eBulletin November 2015

    Oakwood Farmers’ Market
    Oakwood clock this Saturday 21st Novemer 9 to 12:30 pm.

    Talking about the clock, see film about Oakwood clock’s restoration here.

    At the market this month, look out for the Polar Bears raising climate change awareness.

    Guest stalls this month:

    Roundhay Bakehouse
    Local and distinguished bakers. Read their story.

    Pextenement Cheese
    Made in Todmorden, but high on the hills. So hopefully won’t be too badly affected by recent river floods!

    Local Honey
    Ever thought of keeping your own bees? Talk to these guys.

    Regular Stall Holders sell meat, fish, fruit and veg, eggs, cheese, pies, pastries, soups, sauces, juice and preserves.

    REAP Gardening Group will be at the Farmers’ market for the last time this year. We will be showing you how and why to compost our autumn leaves. We will also be tidying up the Oakwood Edible Bed for winter and showing you what we are still harvesting from our veg beds in November. The next time you will see us at the market will be February 2016 when we start preparing for the new growing season.  Come over and chat with us and join our growing community! Facebook link

    Roundhay Live Stall
    Friends of Gledhow Valley Wood will be selling merchandise (including Christmas cards, mugs, coasters, greetings cards) this will help raise funds to construct additional pathway in Gledhow Valley Woods.

    About My Area are looking forward to being at the November Oakwood Farmers Market again! Chatting to people about community groups and events coming up to encourage people to use the About My Area websites in North Leeds to promote their activities for free in front of thousands of loyal readers! There will also be the opportunity to sign up for the fortnightly e-newsletter and enter a prize draw to win vouchers from Chapel Allerton Gift shop Chirpy! Please come along and say hello!

    The last market date for 2015 is 19th December, 2016 markets to be announced!
    Stay informed at

    REAP News and dates for your diary

    Light a candle for the Planet at a Vigil to be held between 4 and 5 pm on Saturday 5th December at Oakwood Clock

    Cafe Sci Leeds 8pm, Tuesday 8th December 2015

    Seven Arts (31A Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD)

    Prof Piers Forster, Leeds University

    The UN Conference on Climate Change begins on November 30th.  The hope is that the nations of the world will agree plans designed to limit temperature rise to 2C.  Last week the UK Met Office announced that temperatures have already risen above pre-industrial levels by over 1C.  Some scientists fear that rises of 4C or more are inevitable.  Other voices suggest that a rise of 2C would be good news.

    What is the Paris conference really about, and what can it realistically achieve?
    What does the conference mean for us in the UK?
    What does it mean for you individually?

    Piers Forster is Professor of Physical Climate Change at Leeds University.  He has been an adviser to the government, and was a Lead Author of the IPCC’s 2014 report on the progress of climate change and the options for adaptation.

     Want to send them a message loud and clear from Yorkshire?
    Our festival, ‘For the Love of Yorkshire’, launches on 10 November in Leeds and York and runs until 13 December.  Linking with the Climate Coalition’s UK ‘For the Love of …’ campaign, the aim is to start a county-wide conversation about climate change and take those messages to Paris.
    Events Listings at
    Coordinated by: University of Leeds, Schumacher North, the Oasis School of Human Relations, Friends of the Earth and Leeds Tidal.

    Demonstration Calling for Action on Climate Change
    Leeds Trade Union Council and Leeds Schumacher North and Leeds Churches have agreed to jointly organise a Climate Change demonstration in Leeds on
    Saturday 28 November.
    Campaigning environmental organisations and citizens are needed to take part. We all agree that human society and how it is organised is causing worser climate change. This is meant to be a Leeds demonstration but as part of a global movement calling for urgent and fair action to deal with climate change.


    Together we are more powerful than they can possibly imagine. Whatever happens at the Paris Climate talks we can, and will build the future from here.

    Leeds Demonstration Saturday 28 November
    Assemble 13:00 onwards at Leeds Minister
    March moves 14:00 around Leeds City Centre
    Rally at 15:00 at Leeds City Square

    National demonstration planned and Leeds Trade Union Council has arranged for coach transport to go down from Leeds. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite

    Have you Renovated Your Home?*
    Niall Kerr wants to interview people who have invested in improving the energy efficiency of their home. I am interested in their motivations, whether they are primarily motivated by reducing their energy bill, or whether motivations like improved comfort or environmental concerns also play a major role. Contact details

    Handel’s Messiah*
    St Aiden’s church LS8 5QD Saturday 5th December 7:30pm. Brought to you by Harrogate Choral Society.
    Book early to avoid disappointment

    Events in Roundhay Park in November*
    Once again, thanks to the Friends of Roundhay Park for this monthly round-up of events in the park – you can thank them in person this month!
    Regular events:

    To receive the monthly round-up of events that John Ferguson compiles for FoRP, contact:


    The REAP eBulletin is produced by Judy Summerhill and Kari Walker for REAP members and anyone else interested in local, community and environmental issues in Roundhay and more widely. Please let us know if you come across anything local and/or environmental that you think we should include.

    To find out more about REAP and the other work we do in the community, go to or email us at

    If you are not yet a member of REAP, there is an application form on the website.

    *These events are not organised by REAP

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