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    Sunny Money!

    According to a recent study by Climate Change Consultancy the AEA, Yorkshire is one of the leading counties for the most solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in the UK*. Thousands of householders are now looking at solar power as a viable way to generate low carbon energy.

    This recent boom is a result of the Feed-in-Tariff, a Government endorsed incentive which enables homeowners to access tax free subsidies when they invest in solar PV. Not only will homeowners generate free electricity, they also get paid for using it!

    Over July and August, solar installation professionals YESrenewables will be contacting residents across Adel and Roundhay in a bid to bring solar PV to local residents.  Trained advisors will be contacting homeowners to discuss the benefits of solar installations and the likely income generated through the Feed-in-Tariff programme. In some cases this can be as much as £1,500** a year based on combined income and savings. To access the Feed-in-Tariff, panels must be fitted by a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited installer.

    Despite common misconceptions, a solar PV system does not need to be south facing (although this will provide the best results). As long as there is a degree of direct sunlight without shading, most households which face South, East or West can benefit from a solar installation and generate electricity.

    YESrenewables are a subsidiary of the award winning Yorkshire Energy Services, a Community Interest Company that advocate low carbon living. Established for community purposes, their assets and profits are dedicated to improving access to low carbon measures in local areas.

    As well as contacting residents over the doorstep, representatives of YESrenewables in conjunction with the Energy Saving Trust will be present at the Roundhay Farmers Market on Sat 16th July. There, customers will have the chance to speak to the experts and receive advice on microgeneration and other energy saving initiatives.

    For more information on YESrenewables call freephone: 0800 052 7496 or visit

    Many thanks,

    Ellie Lyon

    Marketing Executive

    Energy Saving Trust advice centre

    South and West Yorkshire