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Since our formation in 2007 we have grown to over 150 members, 500 e-bulletin subscribers and established a charity status. 

The REAP key successes are presented in the REAP Successes map.



REAP have achieved a number of key successes which include those listed below:

REAP development plan

REAP Annual report and Financial Statement 2012

Oakwood Farmers' Market The market was started in March 2008 and since then has achieved FARMA (National Farmers' Retail and Markets Association) accredited status.  We regularly have approximately 20 stalls, including guest stalls, most of which is organic, all of which is local.


Oakwood Farmers' Market +


Roundhay Live

Roundhay LoveRoundhay Love

Roundhay LoveRoundhay Love

Organised jointly by REAP, Friends of Roundhay Park and Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods the second annual Roundhay Live event was first held in June 2011. This family fun, community event hosted a full programme of music dance sport and food.  The event showcased over 60 organisations and the wide variety of activities available to people in Roundhay.  Initially intended as a one off event, it proved so popular, the organisers were asked to repeat the event in 2012. Roundhay Live


Energy Group

As part of the Energy Group:
  • We operated an energy library allowing local resident to borrow energy monitors to understand their domestic energy usage.
  • Using Leeds City Council's thermal imaging camera to take pictures of the effects of insulation measures, or lack of them, in member's houses. These images provoke discussion as they are very immediate.
  • We held a Green Fair allowing energy saving companies and residents to meet and share ideas on energy conservation.
  • Organising a 'Green Houses Day' which was held in April 2012. This involved 10 houses opening their doors to those interested in seeing a wide range of energy saving and generation measures in practice in local homes.
  • We have links with the City Council and have worked with them on their 40% campaign and 'Vision for Leeds'.
  • We have also actively promoted the use of 'I Measure' and 'Quicksilver' as easy online ways of monitoring energy use and one's overall carbon footprint.




As part of the Education group:
  • Screening of a number of films including:  'The Age of Stupid', ‘The Power of Community’ - how Cuba became a self-sufficient and resilient community, growing much of its own food after the cessation of Russian oil imports in the 1980’s, ‘The Urbal Fix’ - made by local resident Tom Bliss and provides a blueprint for Leeds to become a more environmentally sustainable city in relation to food growing, transport and use of green space.
  • Hosted a Green Film Festival
  • Pre-General Election hustings on environmental policies
  • Links with local schools



As the part of the Transport Group:
  • Production of two maps of the Roundhay area with the support of Leeds City Council, one showing cycle routes and one showing bus and walking routes.
  • Donation of two bikes to PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers), based in Harehills, where it is hoped the bikes will enable two people to make otherwise difficult journeys.
  • Working with Metro to offer local residents 'green driving' lessons to learn how to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Transport survey [add more]
  • Collaborations with Sustrans and EST



As part of the Gardening Group, REAP hosted:
  • Regular gardening club to teach keen gardeners how to grow their own produce
  • Garden sharing to allow owners of large gardens to share their gardens with keen gardeners to grow fruit and vegetables
  • Plant swapping
  • 'Swishing' event
  • Roundhay Garden Ideas Trail: We held our first Open Gardens day in 2012 which was successful beyond our expectations. With 15 gardens open to the public which received over 1170 visitors during the 4 hours we were open, we were able to demonstrate how to grow both food and flowers in the garden and maintain beauty, attract wildlife with ponds, keep chickens and create children’s play areas without too detrimental an effect on the flower borders and build a dry stone wall. We have been asked to repeat the event in 2013.
  • Links with urban harvest and Leeds Permaculture
  • Working with Moor Allerton Primary school to design a garden


Roundhay Environmental Action Project is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No. 6415058. Registered Charity No. 1132380. Webpage: www.reap-leeds.org.uk Contact us: info@reap-leeds.org.uk Twitter: @ reapleeds #reapleeds
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